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    3D Artist 123

    3D Artist 123 Create amazing 3ds Max artwork with 21 unmissable top tips and tricks for lighting, architecture visualisation, modelling and more. The masters at KitBash3d also tell us about their journey, how they've created stunning environment art with their premium asset kits and give us...
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    3D Artist 122

    3D Artist 122 Get your Maya skills up to scratch with six incredible projects! Artists at the likes of Weta Digital, Pixar, Guerilla Games and Quixel have come together to help you boost your workflow – whether you model, light, animate or rig, there's something for everyone. We've also...
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    3D Artist 121

    3D Artist 121 It's time to put on your super suits, as we venture into the world of Incredibles 2 and RenderMan with our Disney•Pixar special! Celebrate 30 years of the super renderer with 30 hero tips from the geniuses at Pixar, including Incredibles 2's director of photography, to transform...
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    3D Artist 120

    3D Artist 120 This issue we've revved up our modelling skills with ZBrush 2018 beta testers! Featuring some of the best artists in the industry, we've got the inside scoop on why you should pick up the latest version today and everything you need to take your techniques to the next level with...
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    3D Artist 119

    3D Artist 119 Level up your game art this issue with artists from Creative Assembly, MachineGames and more! We've got an incredible 28 pages of game art and real-time insight! Creative Assembly character artist Danny Sweeney teaches us all of the triple-A techniques that goes into building a...
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    3D Artist 118

    3D Artist 118 Want to boost your Mari skills? Well why not learn from top texture artists at Ubisoft, ILM and Weta! Learn how to upgrade skin, handle materials, project textures and paint scales for Tyrannosaurus rex with our cover artist Keita Okada! Also in the issue, you can dive deep into...
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    3D Artist 117

    3D Artist 117 Pouncing onto our screens this year for the first time was the marvellous Black Panther, and now you can learn about all the CG techniques that Luma Pictures and Scanline VFX used to create *that* epic car chase scene, the CG Black Panther suit and the world of Wakanda. We've...
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    3D Artist 116

    3D Artist 116 Boost your rigs with our expert rigging workout. We also go behind the scenes at game studio Ninja Theory and if you want to upgrade your renders, then you can't miss our 39 incredible top tips from the likes of Chaos Group, Pixar and more! You can also learn how to create...
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    3D Artist 115

    3D Artist 115 For our first issue of 2018, we are celebrating women across our industries with a special curated gallery with Animated Women UK. You can learn some expert techniques from our "Wonder Women" artists featured this issue or simply just get inspired! We've also mastered the force...
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    3D Artist 114

    3D Artist 114 Explore your quickest way of creating concepts yet, with our masterful guide from Daniel Bystedt! In his pro tutorial, the senior character artist gives us top tips for speeding up your sculpting and concepts with ZBrush 4R8, Substance Painter and Blender. We've also journeyed...
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    3D Artist 113

    3D Artist 113 Go undercover with 3D Artist as we discover Blender Institute's secret weapon: Agent 327. We spoke to Blender Animation Studio to find out how this high-end CG animated short was achieved and reveal the animation techniques involved. Also, travel with us to Hungary where we...
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    3D Artist 112

    3D Artist 112 Take your textures to the next level with our incredible guide, featuring tips and techniques from six of the best software. We've also jumped into Luc Besson's space epic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets with Rodeo FX to discover how they managed to instance this...
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    3D Artist 111

    3D Artist 111 Racing to a news stand near you this issue are industry firsts and blockbuster animation rendering secrets with RenderMan. We go under the hood of Cars 3, too, and find out how Pixar created photoreal mud simulations and rendered thousands of lights. We also learn 30 Maya tips...
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    3D Artist 110

    3D Artist 110 Is ZBrush 4R8 the best version of ZBrush yet? In the latest issue of 3D Artist we find out from beta artists to see what's new and how it's changed their sculpting workflows forever. We then find out why minions had to be rerigged for Despicable Me 3 and how Wargaming re-created...
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    3D Artist 109

    3D Artist 109 3D Artist levels up its game art with two spectacular tutorials exclusive from Creative Assembly and take a trip to the veteran game developer in Horsham, UK. We also go behind the scenes of War For The Planet of the Apes with mocap masters Weta Digital. Plus we find out what it...
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    3D Artist 108

    3D Artist 108 In this issue, learn how to tame colossal monsters and sculpt them in ZBrush, dissect the VFX of Alien: Covenant, and discover the art to amazing game cinematics, industry-standard game art techniques for Total War: Warhammer, 24 essential tips for Unreal Engine 4 and our pro...
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    3D Artist 107

    3D Artist 107 We put your pressing Blender questions to experts including Gleb Alexandrov and Reynante Martinez, plus Framestore reveals its stunning work on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, discover 43 magical Houdini techniques and Mediamonks opens its doors to us. Also, don't miss our...
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    3D Artist 106

    3D Artist 106 In this packed issue, hone your sculpting skills in ZBrush with our amazing step-by-step cover tutorial, discover the secrets behind pro fantasy art, explore the world of motion graphics, upgrade your lighting and rendering in Arnold and much, much more!
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    3D Artist 105

    3D Artist 105 Check it out for pro environments, Substance guides, unbelievable mech designs, real-time tips, studio insight and loads more.
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    3D Artist 104

    3D Artist 104 14 Advanced ZBrush Skills: Make the jump to production-ready sculpting. Unreal Fidelity: Robo Recall: The tech behind Epic's new VR shooter. To Infinity And Beyond: Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrows make space VFX easy. Heroes Of Animation: Animal Logic takes us behind the bricks...