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    3D World 236

    3D World 236 If you have ever been watching a film and wondered where they go to shoot some of the amazing scenes, then you might be surprised to discover not all are shot on location. Ian Failes delves behind the scenes to uncover the secrets about how vast forests are created for the...
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    3D World 235

    3D World 235 This issue starts off with a feature investigating the visual effects that we don't see. We are so used to huge blockbuster action extravaganzas that it's all too easy to focus on them, when there are plenty of other incredible but far less obvious effects out there, from set...
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    3D World 234

    3D World 234 In this issue of 3D World we talk to four indie artists to discover the tricks to getting the most out of a small team and budget. We also talk to the studios behind the latest blockbuster vfx projects including Black Panther and netflix' Star Trek Discovery. Learn some new...
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    3D World 233

    3D World 233 This month we bring you a suite if fantastic content, starting with our lead tutorial, from none other than Victor Hugo, in which he teaches you how to create characters just like our cover hero. To celebrate this we are also giving every reader a free art poster! Along with the...
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    3D World 232

    3D World 232 This issue starts off with a feature investigating current trends in the style and technique of the title sequence, an area that often pushes boundaries. Then move on to learn the visual language used to drive your narratives and engage your viewers. If you are a Max user then...
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    3D World 231

    3D World 231 This issue we take a good look at generative art, focusing on the procedural powerhouse that is SideFX Houdini. With tutorials, insights and a huge tips piece we show you how to get in on the act and make the most of your procedural workflows. Not only that but there is also a...
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    3D World 230

    3D World 230 Star Wars is inescapable as a huge part of popular culture and each new part of the story is eagerly awaited. This is as true for vfx artists as film fans and with the tech, skill and love put into the latest instalment, there is a lot to talk about, so this issue we bring you...
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    3D World 229

    3D World 229 In this issue we talk to the studios and artists behind the award winning Firefly, looking back over the 15 years since the show was created, as well as bringing you a breakdown of a pivotal scene: the train job. We also look at Blade Runner, have a great selection of tutorials...
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    3D World 228

    3D World 228 In this issue we help you get your dream job, with help from our experts at top studios. We show you how to sculpt fantastic creatures inside VR, using Oculus Medium. Learn how to speed concept, with our in-depth guide to creating the cover image using Blender. On top of that we...
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    3D World 227

    3D World 227 Discover professional lighting secrets with top tips from Djordje Ilic, from adding drama with strong contrast to using light effects such as bokeh and glow effectively. Also this issue, learn how to 3D scan someone in 5 minutes with your phone, design a character from scratch...
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    3D World 226

    3D World 226 This issue we bring you a close look at how a home production can have all the quality of a hollywood blockbuster, with our feature on the Ningyo. A fully packed training section covers a diverse collection from using Unreal Engine 4 and ads Max to create stunning architectural...
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    3D World 225

    3D World 225 We speak to Joe Letteri, to talk about the VFX of War for Planet of the Apes. We show you how to create your own monkey renders, plus answer your CG workflow questions, along with supplying a free Nuke video course on facial tracking and reconstruction. We look at the latest...
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    3D World 224

    3D World 224 Engaging characters are at the heart of almost all projects, so in this issue you'll find out how to improve your creations. Learn how to concept mystical monsters, get tips for speed animating to short deadlines, and discover how to make better hair in Maya. Plus! Get...
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    3D World 223

    3D World 223 VR is fast becoming the hot topic in a lot of industries, no less our own, as we discover how to utilise this tool to actually stand in worlds you can create yourself. This issue 3D World has a huge 14-page guide to how virtual reality is sparking innovative projects in games...
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    3D World 222

    3D World 222 Professionals lift the lid on how to break into the ever-expanding game art industry in this month's issue. We meet the art team at Ninja Theory and Cloud Imperium Games - the teams behind Hellblade and Star Citizen - who share their secrets for modelling for characters and...
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    3D World 221

    3D World 221 The VFX special issue, featuring the CG secrets behind Kong: Skull Island in an exclusive interview with ILM. Also find expert tips for sculpting in Blender that will help you build creative characters faster amongst 42 pages of training, using C4D, Houdini, Corona, UE4, Blender...
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    3D World 220

    3D World 220 Discover how to upgrade your sci-fi concepts as you learn to sculpt a character from Ghost in the Shell. We also go behind the scenes on the futuristic film to find out about its phenomenal VFX.
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    3D World 219

    3D World 219 VR is the hot ticket for 2017, and even more important for game artists. This issue we meet the art team at Epic Games who share their secrets for modelling for characters and environments for the Oculus exclusive Robo Recall.
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    3D World 218

    3D World 218 Issue 218 reports exclusively on the new tools of Houdini 16, and SideFX artists reveal how to use them. Be the first to get up to speed on the new Hair and Fur, and Ocean tools for Houdini 16. Plus, learn new techniques in ZBrush, Quixel, Redshift and more. Tutorials come with...
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    3D World 217

    3D World 217 Start 2017 ahead of the pack by embracing virtual reality! The 3D World team meet the developer behind Oculus Medium to discover how sculpting in VR will change the way we all work in the future. Plus, artist Lee Petty shares his Medium advice and artwork only with 3D World's...