2DArtist 117


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2DArtist 117

Captivating Bungie environments: Bungie concept artist Sung Choi talks about finding inspiration in the world around him.
Discover luminescent paintings: Explore the fascinating illustrations of the talented Florian Aupetit.
Immersive illustration: Illustrator Leilei Huang shows us her beautifully tranquil work, about loneliness and isolation.
Narrative digital sketches: Animator Zac Retz showcases the sketches which inspire his narrative work.
The Art of Loish: We interview Lois van Baarle, a.k.a. Loish about her first art book and Kickstarter campaign.
The Gallery: Sergey Pervukhin and Alexey Egorov showcase their work in this month's 10 of the best.
Photo manipulate a monster: Learn how to turn your self portrait into a chilling creature with this tutorial.
Speed paint an ancient ruin: Ioan Dumitrescu demonstrates how to quickly create an historic environment.
Step into the eye of the storm: Learn how to capture the eye of a storm in this environment painting tutorial.
Play with challenging perspectives: Pablo Carpio designs a sci-fi airship from an exciting perspective.
Design an alien power source: Sung Choi describes how he created an organic sci-fi scene in his artwork The Heart.
Digital Art Master: Brian Sum: See how the videogame concept artist created his image Working Droid.