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2DArtist 121

The beauty of tragedy: Illustrator Bastien Lecouffe Deharme discusses his emotionally charged work.
Powerful game environments: Discover the compelling work of concept artist Blake Rottinger.
2dartist sketching: A look back: Rediscover some of the inspiring sketches and artist tips from the past 10 years.
The Gallery: 10 inspiring images from artists including Michael Michera and Tamires Para.
Speed paint from real life references: Danilo Lombardo shows how you can create an urban scene in only a few hours.
Paint an elfin warrior: Wendy Yoon demonstrates how to create a fantasy scene with simple Photoshop techniques.
Create a sci-fi composition: Learn the essential elements for creating a successful sci-fi composition.
Photoshop fundamentals: Brush up on your Photoshop basics with this guide to the software's interface.
Harmonious sci-fi design: Przemek Duda shows how he created a visual reference for his futuristic Symbiont World.
Digital Art Master: Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena: Learn how to create an historical battle scene with this look inside Digital Art Masters: Volume 9.