2DArtist 125


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2DArtist 125

Exploring light and color: Discover the work of up-and-coming illustrator Damian Audino.
Effervescent painting: Discover the dream-like traditional artworks of Dorian Vallejo.
Nature inspired sketches: Illustrator Alena Tkach shows her whimsical sketches for games and children's books.
The Gallery: Ronnie Jensen and Lauren Saint-Onge feature among the top ten images this month.
Create a fantasy speed painting: Discover how to create a fantasy speed painting using your imagination with Noely Ryan.
Design a 1920s costume: Create a stylized 1920s character costume with Randy Bishop.
Concluding sci-fi fundamentals: Juan Novelletto shows how to present your finished work for a client.
Create a futuristic glass city: Learn Photoshop photo-manipulation techniques to make a futuristic city.
Build a sci-fi environment in Photoshop: José Julián Londoño Calle shares his workflow for creating sci-fi environments in Photoshop.
Digital Art Master: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme: Discover tips for painting striking portraits in this sneak peek inside Digital Art Masters: Volume 9.