2DArtist 130


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2DArtist 130

Captivating concept art: Game and film artist Brad Wright showcases his story-driven works.
Dramatic game and film concepts: Discover the impressive work of Senior Concept Artist Richard Anderson.
Mixing nature and geometry: Illustrator David Rice showcases his bold paintings personifying nature.
Dynamic ink sketches: Illustrator and comic book artist Koveck showcases his energetic sketches.
Gallery: Vera Velichko and Florian Aupetit's work feature among the top ten inspiring new artworks.
Speed paint a medic mech: Paint a scene featuring a sci-fi medic in under two hours.
Design a mysterious character: Illustrate a masked character with symbolic imagery.
Paint a plein air sunset: Improve your light and color studies with digital plein air paintings.
Re-imagine the fall of Icarus: Juan Novelletto gives the traditional tale a sci-fi spin.
Developing animation style environments: Learn how a limited brush set can be used to create a stylized environment.
Digital Art Master: Ken Barthelmey: See how Ken creates his exotic fantasy creatures.