2DArtist 132


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2DArtist 132

Bright energetic illustrations: Tyson Murphy displays some of his personal and professional artwork.
Vibrant and colorful concepts: Tim Kaminski showcases some of his bold and vibrant paintingsk.
Dark and macabre illustrations: Self taught "dark" artist Shawn Coss talks about his twisted sketches.
Sketch like the masters: Learn how to develop outstanding sketches using Photoshop.
Gallery: Inspiring new artworks by artists including Carlos Salgado and Ilse Gort.
Speed paint magic effects: fire: Discover how to speed paint fire magic effects with Klaus Pillon.
Sci-fi and fantasy quick tips: Get quick tips for painting sci-fi and fantasy genre-specific elements.
Create a dynamic comic character: Comic illustrator Sykosan shows how to paint a cool sci-fi character.
Reinvent the return of Persephone: Discover how to illustrate a classic myth with dramatic lighting.
Creating a sci-fi character concept: Learn how to paint a mechanized demon in Photoshop with Pei Zhang.
Digital Art Master: Bram "Boco" Sels: Learn how traditional painting techniques have enhanced Bram Sels work.