3D Artist 118


Miembro del equipo
3D Artist 118

Want to boost your Mari skills? Well why not learn from top texture artists at Ubisoft, ILM and Weta! Learn how to upgrade skin, handle materials, project textures and paint scales for Tyrannosaurus rex with our cover artist Keita Okada!
Also in the issue, you can dive deep into VR for Spielberg's latest feature film Ready Player One. Discover all about the OASIS, environments and digital characters with ILM and Digital Domain.
Meanwhile in space, we’ve climbed on board the USS Callister to speak to Framestore about creating the new, inspired ship.
Creature concept artist Tony Camehl of Ubisoft Massive also tells us about his exciting journey into ZBrush mastery. He gives us his top animal anatomy tips and pro workflows for getting into creature design.
And why not learn how to take your shaders to the next level to create a stylised character with attitude in V-Ray, use KeyShot to render clay materials, create awesome fan art using Cinema 4D's grooming system and get into product and medical visualisation?
Finally, don’t forget our amazing resources available with every issue including free models, textures and more.