3D World 214


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3D World 214

This issue explores animation FX with Blizzard and DreamWorks. Discover how Houdini helped Blizzard bring a dense forest to life in The Last Bastion. Then, you can read how DreamWorks’ artists created a world of wool and hair for it's new movie Trolls.
The hair theme continues into this issue's tutorials which cover hair modelling in ZBrush and 3ds Max, and rendering cartoon wool in Yeti for Maya.
More training this issue covers the ultimate ZBrush workflow to sculpt a zombie Batman from start to finish, plus master photogrammetry to improve your game character textures and discover the Blender tricks you never knew you needed!
There's a free Pluralsight video course this issue too, as the leading online training provider shares a course to master game asset creation using 3ds Max.
If you're looking to push your simulation techniques then we have the perfect tutorials for you too, as our pro artists share their processes for rendering a landscape for VFX in Clarisse and a simple process for rendering better clouds in VUE xStream.
The best CG art from the community.
Render better clouds in VUE xStream.
Reviewed: Cinema 4D R18.
How Marvel's VFX team took over Hollywood.