Computer Graphics World Edition 2 2018


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Computer Graphics World Edition 2 2018

Editor's Note: Welcome to the Age of Virtual Reality.
Viewpoint: Twenty Years of Magic.
Virtual Reality: Exploring the various challenges involved pertaining to VR production.
Ready Set Go: Industrial Light & Magic and Digital Domain help Director Steven Spielberg create complex dystopian and virtual worlds for Ready Player One, including the OASIS and its believable avatars.
Source Data: The ongoing problem of CAD model data conversion.
In a Fortnite: Epic proves a real-time workflow with its Fortnite game trailer.
Game Plan: Tips for developing a VR game.
VFX and Television: Studios are going big in terms of visual effects for the small screen. Siren. Happy!. Dark. Black Lightning. The Tick.
Iced Out No More: The Ice Hockey Research Group uses motion capture to study the effects of hockey on the body.
Journey to the Cloud: FuseFX finds the cloud an ideal solution for its aggressive project schedule.
Ready to Go!: The Third Floor helps visualize the action, characters, and rules of the road in Ready Player One.