Computer Graphics World January/February 2016


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Computer Graphics World January/February 2016

Editor's Note: A new twist on gaming.
Viewpoint: Being the hero in VR.
Sci-fi Magic: The force was definitely with artists at ILM as they created out-of-this-world effects for the seventh box-office hit in the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens.
Heads Up!: The word "VR" is on everyone's lips nowadays, but before stepping into virtual worlds, explorers will need a VR head-mounted display.
A Family Affair: A practiced crew at DreamWorks Animation pushes the CG boundaries to create the third Kung Fu Panda film.
Picture Perfect: Digital artists used computer graphics to transport audiences to unique locations for a pair of films: In the Heart of the Sea; The Walk.
Arctic Blast: For Norm of the North, Splash Entertainment takes a deep dive into CG animated feature filmmaking.
It's Here!: Virtual reality has returned, with new apps, new hardware, and new use cases to fuel this technology.