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Computer Graphics World Summer 2019

Editor's Note: Thrive at 2019 SIGGRAPH.
Pride of Place: MPC artists create the first photorealistic CG feature filmed entirely in virtual reality.
The CG Industry Is Still Growing: More robust than ever, the market expands.
Toy Story Age 24: The years from Toy Story to Toy Story 4 have brought magnificent changes.
Toying Around: Pixar again pushes the state of the art in Toy Story 4.
A Fight to the Death: VFX facilities stage the ultimate showdown for the Iron Throne.
The State of the Game Industry.
Open Source: Opening doors and forging new pathways for animation and visual effects.
The Whole Look: MaterialX transfers the complete look of a CG model from one application or rendering platform to another.
Share and Share Alike: Alembic transforms the workflow among facilities.
Breaking Barriers with Motion Design: How this genre has earned its place in the spotlight.
Game Engines Power Content Creation: New production methodology reunites production units.
Matter of Time: Avengers: Avengers: Endgame – A visual effects extravaganza from beginning to end.
Clearing Hurdles in the Classroom: Animation, VFX, and film schools try to make a student's path to success as barrier-free as possible.