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Computer Graphics World Winter 2019

Editor's Note: Disney at your fingertips.
Viewpoint: Bringing back 'Lights, camera, action' with virtual production.
Frozen in Time No More: Disney animators take Elsa and Anna on another historic adventure, this time to the Enchanted Forest and Dark Sea, where Elsa encounters the water spirit, Nokk.
Face-Lift: Visual effects artists apply new technology and techniques to create younger versions of characters played by actors in leading roles.
Stamp Act: SPA Studios in Madrid updates traditional methodologies to create Klaus, a unique hand-animated Christmas film.
Spymasters: Blue Sky Studios spills its creative and technical secrets while making its latest animated feature, Spies in Disguise.
Snap!: Cinesite Animation resurrects The Addams Family in a new medium: CGI.
A Race to the Finish: Awards season is here, and studios are kicking things into high gear as they vie for the industry’s top prizes.
Mystery Solved!: The reason for continued growth in the workstation market: They are mission-critical devices.