ImagineFX 23


Miembro del equipo
ImagineFX 23

Watch the experts at work: Nine hours of video training on your DVD!
Legend: Brian Froud talks to ImagineFX about how he brings the mystical world of faeries and folklore to life in his paintings.
Sketchbook: A portfolio of dark, brooding sketches from Simon Fellah.
Artist Portfolio: The illustrator Kerem Beyit reveals how his childhood fears are still a source of inspiration.
Plus! Two classic images hauled from ImagineFX's treasure chest of art.
Painting a faerie scene: Melanie Delon shows you how she created this month's fantastic faerie cover image.
Haunting concepts: Ben Olson shares his ideas for finding inspiration to create dark characters.
Liberate your colours: Bao Pham guides you through using the whole colour spectrum as your palette.
Find your style: Marta Dahlig helps you find your own, original signature style.
Symmetrical designing: Mike Corriero goes in depth on producing unique symmetrical thumbnail designs.
Spacecraft concepts: Chee Ming Wong shows you how to quickly paint a prototype space vessel.
Wicked texture effects: Cris de Lara explains how adding textures to a 2D image can give it a 3D look.